Uh, huh, huh!

We turned east a couple days ago on I-40. We have a stop to make before we go home, which I will write about later. Route 40 just happens to take you through Memphis and in my opinion, when passing through Memphis one should consider a stop at Graceland. When I learned that Ben had … More Uh, huh, huh!

Air Borne Over Asphalt

Hot air balloons. They are unique, ubiquitous, cliched and inspiring. Images of them grace coffee cups, posters, boxes for cameras and printer cartridges, among other things. Last year Ben asked if I would be interested in going to a motor home rally at the Albuquerque Balloon Festival. I said what I always say when I’m … More Air Borne Over Asphalt


I meet a lot of people on the road, but in Durango Colorado I hit the jackpot for memorable personalities. The annual Cowboy Poet’s conference was in town, and colorful cowboy characters were everywhere. Some of you who listen to NPR may recall Baxter Black, who performed on Prairie Home Companion from time to time—he … More Personalities

Super Hero

Traveling for any extended period of time requires faith, hope and trust. Things can break, illnesses (ours or the dogs’) crop up, plans change and so on. We’ve had a few minor ups and downs that increased my respect for people who live on the road full-time. You have to develop a low adrenaline response … More Super Hero


Stagecoach. The Searchers. 2001: A Space Odyssey. National Lampoon’s Vacation. Mission Impossible. The Eiger Sanction. Forest Gump. Dozens upon dozens of movies have used its scenery as a backdrop. I’ve dreamed for years of going to Monument Valley since I first saw it as a kid on a Saturday afternoon watching She Wore a Yellow Ribbon. Now … More Monumental

Hurricane in Utah

We’ve been on the road for a month. The weather has been beautiful, and every day that wasn’t a driving day has been action-packed. A couple days ago I said, “I wish we would have a rainy day so that I can justify sitting around to color or read a book.” I had no idea … More Hurricane in Utah