Boot Hill

Yesterday we went to the towns of Deadwood and Lead. Deadwood is a weird hybrid, sort of like The Sons of Katie Elder meets the Sons of Anarchy meets Gatlinburg. Harley stores and biker bars alternate with casinos masquerading as historic saloons. Hang around long enough and at regular intervals someone will shoot someone else in… More Boot Hill

First Landing

We arrived in River City last night to camp at Whispering Pines RV park on the edge of the Black Hills National forest. We squeaked in just under the wire before the RV park closed for the night. We were late because we drove through the Badlands Loop on the way in and had to stop at… More First Landing


The pop up roof caught Ben’s eye first, and I spotted the solar panel, so we had to check out the Toyota parked across from us. It’s a serious vehicle, acquired in Australia so it has to be tough, with an engine snorkel and serious suspension. Its owner was home, typing on his iPad. I… More Nomad

Free Spirit

After our harrowing drive to Peoria, we pulled into Wal-Mart and parked behind a well-traveled Holiday Rambler fifth-wheel. The next morning we were puttering around and passed our fellow traveler in the store. We were getting ready to leave when Ben noticed she was working on her rig, so he stopped over to see what… More Free Spirit

Windy Alliances

I am usually optimistic, as evidenced by being a lifetime Cleveland sports fan. To be fair the Cavs have done very well of late, but the Browns and the Indians are a life lesson in high hopes and heartbreak. This story is not about Cleveland teams and life’s disappointments, it’s about two nights broken down… More Windy Alliances